Ground crews performing Geophysics in Morocco this week! Some of the best field crews in the business | Abitibi Geophysics | Low Mob Costs | Exceptional Field Crews | Specialists in Harsh Condition Geophysics | Ground crews with Abitibi have covered most of the world - detecting mineralization and helping to find mines faster! Geophysics crews in Canada - we specialize to a large degree in the Canadian Shield - an area we have vast experience and great expertise with over our 30 year history. Cold-weather geophysics is an area that few have mastered - which is part of our every day routine here in Canada!

Field crews perform geophysics in Morocco this week for Abitibi Geophysics




Geophysics in Morocco February 10, 2014 - Abitibi Geophysics

  The weather in Morocco is fairly warm this week - somewhere between 10 and 20 degrees celcius. Crews here perform an EM survey in the North African Country. Abitibi Geophysics provides TDEM - utilizing a full array of configuration to help you find a mine faster. For more information on Geophysics in Morocco, call us at 1.819.874.8800.