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OreVision IP from World-Leading Ground and Borehole Geophysics!



For immediate release:

Abitibi Geophysics, a world-leader in ground and borehole geophysics, offers services to North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Under the direction of Pierre Berube, the firm has taken a front-running position in the field by offering continuous improvement and innovation in all their service offerings.

Abitibi Geophysics recently made wholesale changes to Conventional IP as well as TDEM with innovations including: OreVision IP (400% deeper than conventional IP at the same price) I-Power 3D (680 metres through thick overburden) and of course - the ARMIT sensor - (able to provide both B-Field and dB/dt in one single pass.)

Enjoying an economic recovery at this point, Abitibi Geophysics is poised to grow exponentially with the addition of new innovation, continuation of top-shelf customer service - and a client base that employs forward-thinking exploration professionals.

For further information, call Kevin Palmer at 807 473 3648 or Pierre Berube at 819 874 8800




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